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MONOLODGE is home for a growing family connected  in support and celebration of the craft of acting. 


Founded in August 2011  MONOLODGE events showcase actors performing their favorite monologues.  On our stage, actors perform classical, contemporary & original works - they play against type, and participate in themed shows.  We audition & cast for each event and refer for outside agencies/productions.  We also work with actors to develop and produce their own solo projects.


Our environment is an intimate "theatre in the lounge" concept with a small stage and diverse audiences on at least three sides.  Share your individual talent and network with fellow artists, industry professionals and patrons of the arts. 


Our culture is artistically safe, positive, supportive, and every actor is A list.  From auditions to stage we are committed to service and a family vibe.


Actor casting & inquiries: please send your headshot, resume, recorded monologue & reel to 


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