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There is no other place in the world that can compare to living in New York City.

Sure, there are some that can come close, but there’s nothing like actually living in the “Big Apple”. From living in the suburbs of Nashville, TN and the quite streets of Wilmington, DE the move to New York can seem very daunting for most. Yes, I could have easily gone to a college with beautiful rolling hills and a gate surrounding the entire institution keeping its occupants safe from the harsh world outside, but I decided to take my chances. So when I was invited to attend the second anniversary celebration of Monolodge I was ecstatic. I knew I’d have millions of opportunities in the city to just be involved, but attending an event on my third day - let’s just say I was stoked. The celebration did not disappoint either. The entire atmosphere of the people and talent present was incredible and it was great to be around people who really took the arts seriously but also knew how to have fun. This past Wednesday, Team MONOLODGE was invited to participate in Marc John Jefferies' acting workshop.

As a special guest, MONOLODGE was allowed to connect with the students and create some positive energy around the craft of acting prior to them working with Mr. Jefferies. The evening was filled with fun Improvs, trivia games testing the acting students on their theatre knowledge and having them participate in an ongoing monologue with fifteen plus people. Overall the evening was successful and I felt we really made an impact on the actors present. For myself, I had a great time both participating and watching the others play the games. I feel Improv can be a very fun yet scary experience, but if you give it a chance you’re bound to have fun. My experience in New York has just begun and it’s already off to a fantastic start with being a part of Monolodge. I look forward to having more memories and experiences with the crew!

Contributed exclusively for MONOLODGE by Alexandria Churchwell

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