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When the balance of who and what society is becomes lost, it evolves into the beginning of the end. With the future at stake...can the present learn to appreciate itself enough to save humanity?

Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium takes a look at modern society and its growing lack of love, empathy and sympathy toward one another and the generations that will follow. Narrated by Athen - a futuristic citizen of the final sect of human-esque beings, dubbed Citizen L143 - she pleads to the present (today's society), to change their ways. She does this through her collection of 'exhibits' that will tell their varied stories. Each reminding us as a people that no matter how flawed human-kind may be, it is absolutely worth saving. But note...the clock is ticking.

Katie Mack and Okema T. Moore have created a project that is not only on time, but truly looks to combat the fear mongering, racism, classism, sexism and ethnocentricity on full display in this most recent presidential election. As much of the incoming regime lends itself to the expectant increase of these dastardly traits, the ladies of Boxed Out Productions have chosen to use their art to remind society that to be human is a given, but to be humane is a choice.

Boxed Out Productions, LLC is a boutique production house concentrating on projects for film, stage, and the web, that are “outside of the box.” We do not subscribe to mediocre or mundane and seek to share alternative stories and perspectives that are subsequently alternative to what’s out there.

We invite you to come and play outside of the box with us. Boxes R 4 Squares®

Katie Mack & Okema T. Moore

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