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Airplane Movies Part 1

Fresh out of my junior year in college, I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Monolodge this summer. But first, I jetted off for a 10 day mini-vacation to visit my family in Northern California. Best part: family and sun. Worst part: Getting there. But every cramped, crying-child-filled, stale-aired cloud has its silver lining. For me, it’s airplane movies. Maybe its because I become a captive audience, but I really enjoy the films I catch on planes. This particular journey featured "WARM BODIES" and "SEVEN PSYCOPATHS", two very different, delightfully weird films. "WARM BODIES" is a zombie apocalypse story on the surface, but at its core it’s a love story. This girl right here is a sucker for a good rom com. And as for "SEVEN PSYCOPATHS", well, you can go ahead and take the title at face value. All I can tell you is that you will question how you evaluate and place value on sanity in those around you. After all, New Yorkers should know by now we live in a city of 8 million marvelous, brilliant psychopaths. If you don’t mind a little (Ok, a lot) of blood and guts, try checking these out the next time you are trapped for six hours on a giant flying bus.

Contributed exclusively for MONOLODGE by Krista White

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