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Cicely, Cicely, Cicely. That is a woman who acts from her fabulous head down to her little toes. I am so proud (but unsurprised) that she took home the Tony last night. Astounding performance. The night in general was so lovely. My dad was in town on business, and we took in dinner and A Trip to the Bountiful before he was whisked away for a full day of meetings the next day. It’s always so nice to have family in town, and as Nick Carroway once said of his father “we have always been unusually communicative in a reserved way.” Long story short, I really love my dad. But back to the play, Ms. Tyson is one of the greatest actresses I have ever seen on stage. The only other people I can think of who were similarly moving were Angela Basset in The Mountaintop and Chazz Palminteri in the one man show adaptation ofA Bronx Tale. It is not everyday you get to see such beautiful, superbly executed theatre. Ms. Tyson had me halfway believing we were actually in a small rural Texas town by the end. Also, everyone else was also wonderful. Condola Rashad, earnest and beautiful (and also Tony nominated!), Cuba Gooding Junior doing what Cuba does, and Vanessa Williams just as gorgeous and sassy as she wants to be. What a lovely night at the theatre!

Contributed exclusively for MONOLODGE by Krista White

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