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Act God is an outstanding one-man show written and performed by the brave Scott St. Patrick. This week he performed at the United Solo Theater Festival at Theater Row.

Boy was I unprepared for what Scott St. Patrick had for us in the very first act of the show! His wordplay brought chills up my spine with his use of imagery when describing the horrifying truths as he spoke about how the African American community is suffering at the hands law enforcement. The most chilling words that still resonate with me were "R.I.P. Harambe" as he compared the treatment of an ape to the treatment of African Americans in this country. He touched on everything from police brutality to the senseless distractions that our community is drowning in. The most comical being the conversations between men and women.

United Solo™ is a New York-based company dedicated to the genre of one-person performance.

Contributed exclusively to Monolodge by Princess Bonhomme. | Princess is an outstanding actor with a fondness for the beauty of birds - "I think flight is so cool"

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